How to Use Windows’ Built-In Security Camera

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PC problems crop up from time to time. They’re pesky, but ultimately inevitable. Most computer problems can be solved with general troubleshooting, but there’s one or two annoying problem that manages to stump beginner and veteran PC owners alike.

Of course, online troubleshooting and help is easy to find. You can easily find active forum groups anywhere. You can even find local communities dedicated to helping other owners with the PC troubles. The tricky part is getting the exact nature of your problem across the virtual miles. How will you able to relay the exact symptoms of your PC to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment?

PSR: Windows’ Built-in Security Camera

If you want to give tech support the blow by blow, try using Windows’ Problem Steps Recorder. PSR is a built-in tool that takes screenshots, records mouse clicks, and compiles everything neatly for your perusal. You can run the program (type “psr” in the Start Menu search bar; alternatively, you can hit the Windows + R keys and typing “psr”) then go through the problem you’ve encountered or have been encountering. Once you have the entire process captured and compiled, you can send the most accurate replication of the problem to tech support. This will give them the information they need to correctly diagnose and treat your problem.

PSR isn’t only useful in documenting issues. On the other side of the fence, you can also use this tool to teach. If you’re the tech support helping others in need, you can use PSR as a step-by-step demo of the procedures.

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