Tips and Tricks for Problematic PCs

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When your computer won’t boot up, cycles in a bootloop, or continuously flashes the dreaded BSOD (blue or black screen of death), the most common response is to shut it down and ship the whole thing to a PC repair shop. While this is a sensible solution, there are other simple and effective tricks you can try that might solve the problem. Here are some of them:
Tips and Tricks for Problematic PCs

Reseating means disconnecting cords, removing cards and other hardware and putting them all back together. Often times than not, reseating alone fixes minor PC errors that could cause bootloops and BSODs. Think of it as stretching after long hours of sitting in front of the computer or lying in one spot on the bed—it takes out the kinks that causes aches and pains in your muscles and joints, making you ready to face the new day!


Dust and other particles can still build up inside your CPU. Aside from possibly overheating your CPU due to insulation, dust bunnies could also build up between the connectors that could cause problems. Cleaning, coupled with reseating, can sometimes cure PCs that went from being fine to suddenly being problematic.

DIY Repair

A lot of people opt to self-diagnose and treat their machines, and it’s understandable why! PC repair can be costly, not to mention that it could take a bit of time, too. Doing it yourself could prove to be fruitful, and it would take less time and even lesser expenses.

The good thing about this is you can get a lot of help online. There are hundreds of forums and communities dedicated to DIY troubleshooting and repair, and a lot more of websites that offer tips and tricks as well as repair how-tos. You can Google your PC’s symptoms or join a forum and post about your machine’s problems. Either way, you’re bound to come across helpful answers.

When All Else Fails

Of course, when worse comes to worst, your best bet will still be to take your CPU to a repair shop. This is especially true if the problematic unit is not your personal machine, but of a company’s. Tinkering with a company unit might not be the best option.

When choosing IT services, however, make sure to choose one that operates within the vicinity. Sure, it’s good to get the best in the world, but what good would that be if they’re located at the other side of the planet? You can still get top-notch service if you choose a local company. For example, if you’re based in the London area, there are many services there offering companies IT support. While they might not be universally known, they can still get the job done on time.

Try these simple tricks and see if they solve your computer’s problem!

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